When the Planar Distortion Device was unleashed well over 100 years ago, 10 immortal beings were released into this realm from 4 other realms. These beings are so powerful that the maintain a connection to their former realms, and are thought to coexist between them.

Seven Deities

All seven of them, known as the Seven Deities, are from the same reality. They do not speak directly to mortals, nor do they physically manifest in any way. Instead, they interface with mortals, unleashing their power through mortals who have a strong connection with a particular deities’ area of focus. Mortals who are effected this way can feel the deity, and thus their existence came to be known. There might be more than seven deities, but no one has discovered any others.

Churches have formed around the worship of the Seven Deities. As their power is quite obvious and therefore their existence is generally without question, most humanoids have switched from the Old Religions to worship of one or more of the Seven Deities. Since the Seven Deities do not speak or communicate in a normal sense, they are generally viewed more as forces than as creatures.

The Archfey

Sylvanus, known as the Archfey, is a being linked closely with the natural world, as well as animal instinct. Several accounts exist of Sylvanus appearing in one form or another, and enticing mortals with greed or lust. Encounters with Sylvanus often end badly for mortals, but some have come away the better for it. Sylvanus has followers, but doesn’t provide them with power. Instead, he teaches them how utilize elven nanotechnology in a variety of ways; some of those ways are completely foreign to the elves, who are generally considered the masters of magic.

Sylvanus is the only immortal being to come from his reality.

The Fiend

Archimonde the Fiend is a serious threat to all mortals. He is a being of great destructive power, and has laid waste to many settlements. He has accumulated a great many followers and a vast number of slaves, and raises an army to conquer the earth. Like Sylvanus, Archimonde doesn’t grant powers to his followers, but instead teaches the most gifted among them how to utilize eveln nanotechnology.

it is rumored Archimonde lives in a palace built for him in the Himalayas, but he has followers everywhere. It is fortunate for all that he appears to be the only immortal being from his original plane.

The Great Old One

Caiphon, known as the Great Old One, is a complete mystery to most. Only a few are even aware of his existence. To most of those who know of him, he is simply a purple star that appeared in the sky at the time of the Planar Distortion Device. To those he has chosen, he is a being who visits them in their dreams, and whispers to them when they are awake.

No one has ever reported seeing Caiphon in real life, only in dreams. No other immortal beings from Caiphon’s realm have been reported.


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